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Vision & Mission

To make the success story we have to provide industry-focused project-based quality education to attract the best student across the world, training & expertise to improve the quality of life by improving the capabilities of human resources thinking process which will groom young future leaders to be complete value-driven human beings & competent professional with a deep passion for our country. These will be the people who lead India & who lead the world as we have the intelligence, the talent, and the potential to be the most successful technocrat in the globalizing industrial world. To bring all these into physical realities we have analyzed carefully the basic differences that exist between the private and public sector, & strategy planned development has been formulated to draw up their operational plan in a complementary way to realize the planned objective.

Maharajganj Private ITI set before the twin task to reorient education and research towards the need of all the sectors and to establish the link between the national economic planning and to development of private enterprises in our country.